Steve Kelleys Charity Stunts

101 Mile Swim

Steve Kelley swims 101 miles for charityI was in the 100th mile of a 100 mile swim in Denver landmark Sloan’s Lake, praying for the orange buoy and something I hadn’t felt in 5 days…dry. The Colorado’s Special Olympians were invited to the World Special Olympics in Minneapolis but couldn’t afford to go. [ Read Full Story]

Crawl For Kids

Steve Kelley crawls 17 miles on his hands and knees for charityThere’s no way to prepare for a world record crawl other than finding good knee and knuckle padding. I didn’t do a good job on that and after one mile the skin was gone from my knees and knuckles. [ Read Full Story]

Seat Sit

Seat SitSeems like everywhere I go, people remember me sitting in all the seats at Mile High Stadium. But I actually did it twice. First, in 1981 when it was simply called Mile High Stadium, but then again in 2001 at what we’ll just call “Corporate Logo field” at Mile High. [ Read Full Story]

Helicopter Ride

Steve Kelley give a little girl with cancer a helicopter ride.This little girl Shawna captured my heart and her story is summarized in the column. Sometimes you can do little things for people if you’re simply aware and have the wherewithal to surprise and fill a dream. You don’t need a helicopter. [ Read Full Story]

Pogo Stick

Steve Kelley rides a pogo stick from Boulder to DenverYes as crazy as it sounds, I rode a pogo stick 41 miles from Boulder to Denver. It was to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original feat performed by KIMN’s Pogo Poge in the 50’s. However no one knew that he had actually done it on a hydraulic or air powered pogo stick. [ Read Full Story]

Punting a Football

Steve Kelley does a punt-a-thon with a football for charityA great friend of mine Bronco punter Mike Horan was needing help with his organization Punts with a Purpose that helped homeless families become self-sufficient. So I did a punt-a-thon.
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Golf Across The Metro Area...The Longest Hole

Steve Kelley golfs across the metro area for charityI love golf. So why not play the longest hole in Colorado for charity!  I started at Chatfield Reservoir and went 50 miles north and ended up at the Ranch Country Club in Broomfield, which at the time was as farthest north the city stretched. [ Read Full Story]

Wing Walk

Steve Kelley rides on the wing of a plane for charityI told my 8 month pregnant wife that I was invited to take a ride in an acrobatic bi-plane and that she should come out and watch. Little did she know that I would be on the wing!
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Window Washing

Steve Kelley washes sky scraper windows for charity40 stories above the ground, I wasn’t sure that I could actually follow through with this particular stunt for cancer. I had no choice really as the station had to jump through so many logistic and legal hoops just to get me up there. [ Read Full Story]

Living In A Freezer Truck

Steve Kelley lives in a freezer truck for charityEveryone thinks of the homeless when it’s 10 below zero in the dead of winter…but I thought it might raise some awareness and money to create winter in the middle of summer. But how do you recreate subzero temperatures July? [ Read Full Story]

Pay Phone-A-Thon

Steve Kelley does a phone-a-thon with pay phones for charityThey don’t exist anymore but there used to be this thing called a pay phone. You would put coins in and you could make a local call. Mountain Bell at the time had no idea of where all the pay phones in the metro area were, believe it or not they’d just lost track! [ Read Full Story]

Just For The Helmet of It

Steve Kelley wears a Denver Broncos helmet for charityThe Broncos were on a bit of losing streak so I asked the equipment manager for the Broncos to loan me one of John Elways helmets to wear for good luck. The deal was that I wouldn’t remove it until the Broncos broke the losing streak… [ Read Full Story]

Hand Shaking

Steve Kelley shakes 95,00 hands for charity95,000 handshakes and not even running for office! I can’t remember the year or even what charity benefited, but I do remembering it hurt like #%#% when some joker thought it would be funny to squeeze as hard as he could to see my reaction. [ Read Full Story]