Denver radio and TV personality Steve Kelley knows about giving back.

Steve Kelley crawled 17 miles on his hands and knees for charity
Steve Kelley crawls on his hands and
knees for kids. [ read the full story ]

He has devoted his life to raising awareness (and millions of dollars) for Colorado causes. . (Stunts) While working closely with local businesses and professionals, Steve noted that many had developed their own passions and projects to help non-profits do some good and make a difference right here in Colorado…something like a day of service for its employees, a clothing drive or sponsoring a benefit concert

Showcasing and promoting those exceptional businesses and how they give back is the idea behind KELLEY'S HEROES™.  A Denver business directory with trusted businesses that are invested in our community beyond the bottom line. Customers can know that these companies have a true stake in making Denver and the Front Range a better place to live.

Volunteers picking up trash

We vet, verify, and background check every business and charity on the list. Membership demands the highest standards of doing business, to provide an extra level of confidence for customers. Plus companies on our list join like-minded Colorado professionals who are already putting their money (and time) where their heart is.

"Go the Extra Mile"

While raising funds for the Special Olympics during one of his many marathon charity events, Steve found himself exhausted, shriveled and shivering near the completion of a 100-mile fundraising swim in the chilling waters of Denver’s Sloan’s Lake. When he learned that a donor was offering an extra $5,000 contribution if Steve would swim one additional mile, to "Go the Extra Mile". Steve KelleySteve mustered all his resolve to successfully complete the task…a 101-mile swim.

To date, Steve Kelley personally has raised more than $2 million dollars on behalf of worthy causes. Steve is the “Champion of Colorado Businesses that Go the Extra Mile,” through philanthropic gifts to our community and charitable organizations. Steve believes, “Consumers are looking to do business with companies that give back.” It is the reason he established KELLEY'S HEROES™; the first and only original referral list in the country for consumers to find and do business with socially responsible local businesses.

After all, what’s one more mile? It’s the one closest to home.

Steve can be heard weekday afternoons from 1 pm to 4 pm on the popular Kelley and Company Show on 710 KNUS AM in Denver. A dedicated family man of faith, Steve strives to live his life by the “Golden Rule” and encourages those around him to do the same.

Steve's Charity Stunts Include

Marconi Award Winner

Steve Kelley is a Marconi award winnerThe Marconi Award is the highest honor a radio personality or station can receive. It’s basically the Academy Award of radio. Many have been nominated but Steve Kelley is still the only Denver radio personality to have ever received one.