What it Takes to be a member on KelleysHeroesList.com

KelleysHeroesList.com is in the business of gathering together the finest resources and services a consumer will need.  Our goal is to provide all those we touch with the assurance they are being treated fairly….to enable consumers to secure services with confidence when they use our referral list.

A KelleysHeroesList.com member is a socially responsible business whose mission and code of ethics include genuine care and customer service. We cultivate values of trust, honesty, integrity, commitment and respect with each individual, management and company

A KelleysHeroesList.com member should be environmentally and socially conscious, and nurture a work environment that instills quality of life, fulfillment of individual goals, and authentic diversity.

All KELLEY’S HEROES™ member companies will foster an program of community outreach by creating or sponsoring actions contributing to the betterment of the community they serve.

Member companies will adhere to a customer service policy of honesty, fairness and transparency. We insist upon that commitment. We will hold our website members accountable through the use of consumer reviews, ratings, complaints and/or investigation to ensure compliance.

Additionally, it will be verified that all participating companies have in place or establish clear and effective equitable customer complaint procedures.

All member companies will implement an escalation process that allows for all customers to speak with company ownership if necessary.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of KelleysHeroesList.com.  We appreciate your trust and understanding that we will carefully and sensibly consider your company for a membership.   

KelleysHeroesList.com reserves the right to solicit, admit and support participating companies, and to periodically assess member performance and at our sole discretion, to determine the suitability of a participating company to remain a member. We reserve the right to use and disclose any information collected via the website that is not in personally identifiable form.

By becoming a member of KelleysHeroesList.com, you are acknowledging these rights as stated here:

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