Idea. Create a new kind of Consumer/Business referral list. One that is based on more than just ratings or feedback or celebrity endorsements. A list you can’t just buy your way onto. One that is based on value to the community. A compilation of honest businesses that honestly give back.

Volunteers helping to build a houseAfter two years of planning, working out the details and consulting with some of Colorado’s best businesses, marketing, creative and technical minds, as well as calling in a few favors, Steve Kelley and his team are proud to unveil KELLEY'S HEROES™.

Now consumers will be able to seek out and do business with companies who have been certified by an independent vetting process to not only meet the highest ethical standards of doing business, but to have a project or program that meets a need or benefits the community.

For businesses, it’s a way to be a part of a growing number of Colorado companies that are going above and beyond to enrich lives in the neighborhoods they serve. It’s strength in numbers to give us the opportunity to do greater good. A platform to inspire others by showcasing each effort.

We are a work in progress. But as we build the list together, and do business with companies that give back, we are investing in a better Colorado.

KELLEY'S HEROES™. An idea whose time has come.