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A Denver Business Directory For Companies Who Give Back

Steve Kelley “Keep honest businesses successful!… When honest, caring, businesses succeed and are profitable they always give back. It’s what they do. KELLEY'S HEROES™ are all about both...Honest businesses that honestly give back. Just use a business on the list and you give back too… give your business to businesses that truly give!”

Denver radio and TV personality Steve Kelley knows about giving back.

Steve Kelley crawled 17 miles on his hands and knees for charity
Steve Kelley crawls on his hands and
knees for kids. [ read the full story ]

He has devoted his life to raising awareness (and millions of dollars) for Colorado causes. . (Stunts) While working closely with local businesses and professionals, Steve noted that many had developed their own passions and projects to help non-profits do some good and make a difference right here in Colorado…something like a day of service for its employees, a clothing drive or sponsoring a benefit concert

Showcasing and promoting those exceptional businesses and how they give back is the idea behind KELLEY'S HEROES™.  A Denver business directory with trusted businesses that are invested in our community beyond the bottom line. Customers can know that these companies have a true stake in making Denver and the Front Range a better place to live.

Volunteers picking up trash

We vet, verify, and background check every business and charity on the list. Membership demands the highest standards of doing business, to provide an extra level of confidence for customers. Plus companies on our list join like-minded Colorado professionals who are already putting their money (and time) where their heart is.

You can’t buy your way on this list, until you give your way on.

Kelley's Heroes ListFlooring to Roofing…Dentists to Doctors…Planting, Painting Restaurants, Real Estate…Cars and Contractors, if you’re a Colorado company that goes the extra mile, Steve Kelly wants you! And if you’re a consumer, these are companies you can feel good about.

KELLEY'S HEROES™. It’s just good business.

Meet Some Of Our Heroes


Affinity Electric, LLC

  • Scott Anderson

All Corners Carpet Cleaning

  • Cindy Shank Fuqua

Colorado Flat Fee Realty

  • John Vizzi

Downs Marketing Associates

  • John Downs

Hearing Healthcare Associates

  • Holly Hornyan

How It Started

Why It Started

Steve Kelly with his brotherThe whole backdrop of my life, the main motivation for this website and all the fundraising stunts is my relationship with my brother Danny.
[ read full story ]

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